What in your organization needs to end?

Unknown-9What needs to end in your organization? There are certain times when you, as a leader, must bring necessary endings. This is difficult and even painful at times. That’s why we don’t usually end things. Usually we wait too long until it becomes a detriment to our company, our people, or ourselves.

If you follow the Pareto Principle, then the lifeblood of your group is in about 20% of the activities. That means that you should take a hard look at the other 80%. What can be meshed with the best 20%? What things need to be improved? What things need to just end?

This is difficult for a couple of major reasons.

Difficulty: We tend to think if we work harder or smarter, or think creatively, that we can fix the problems at hand.

Solution: If you are on the wrong road, you cannot hope it becomes the right one. Stop fixing it and get off the road.

Difficulty: Something I am attached too needs to come to an end. Maybe I created it, or maybe I completely supported it initially.

Solution: Look at the big picture, and get over yourself. Your people will barely remember you started it. They will love you more for your bravery to end it.

Thank you to Dr. Henry Cloud. He spoke on Boundaries for Leaders at LeaderCast 2013.

He was absolutely incredible.

You can check out more at www.Drcloud.com


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