Happy 2nd Father’s Day

This is the absolute greatest father’s day tribute in history. Thank you Church on the Move for producing it.

I am sending this as a shout out to all my fellow father’s out there. Why? You deserve a second Father’s Day.

A second Father’s Day you say? We already have Father’s day every June, what gives?

First, there are more holidays on the calendar than you can count. From International Skeptics Day, to Moldy Cheese Day, to Thesaurus Day, someone somewhere is celebrating something ridiculous. This fact waters down the celebration level of most holidays, leaving Father’s Day as one of many “days” on the calendar.

Second, Father’s day is certainly underrated on our lists of favorite holidays. Christmas and Thanksgiving are gimmes on the list. But now think of how huge Halloween has grown. Valentine’s Day in in the same category. Comparatively, do not get me started on Mother’s Day. I have nothing against moms getting a day, and all the moms in this world deserve even more praise and recognition. But if Mother’s Day is a Cadillac Escalade totally blinged out, Father’s Day is a 1986 Chevrolet Celebrity with cigarette burns and no radio.

With all this in mind, the lack of attention Father’s Day receives in unreal. I say this with the absolute heartfelt belief that there is a tremendous shortage of good fathers. This world needs more daddys, dads, and papas. We need men who go beyond the biological definition of father to the life changing position of fatherhood in a child’s life. As a youth pastor, I see this literally every day. The young lady who is so desperate for love that she will jump in with any boy who gives her attention is evidence. The young man who is in dire need of discipline to the point that even negative action from authorities is sought is an implication of a fatherless life.

Perhaps if we celebrated true fatherhood more, we would we more true fathers. When our greatest elevation of a modern day father is Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin, we may be demoralizing fatherhood rather than celebrating it. I know a great many men who are doing their very best to lead their families. These men deserve applause for what they are doing. Not because they need it or are begging for it, but because they deserve it. In every sector of society, we applaud rare talents. In my opinion a good dad is a rare find. So, here is to you dad, Happy Second Father’s Day!

IMG_2505 IMG_0102 IMG_0071I love my girls.


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