My Bucketlist

We are what we repeatedly do.  I am a firm believer in having a Bucketlist.  It’s not about doing crazy stuff for the sake of adrenaline.  It’s about living to your full potential every day.  It’s about being the best possible version of you. It’s about dreams, both great and small.  It is a mindset.  It is a way of life. Here is mine.

 Completed items (year accomplished,details)

1 Adopt a child
2 Attend a sumo wrestling match
3 Attend the Iditarod
4 Baptize somebody somewhere cool
5 Be an Olympian (Senior Olympics)
6 Be debt free (2012)
7 Be in a community theater
8 Be in the $40,000 plus speaking club
9 Be interviewed on national morning show
10 Be invited onto a professional court/field
11 Be invited to the white house
12 Be on a game show (2012 Let’s Ask America)
13 Be the world champion of public speaking
14 Become Dr. Murr
15 Behold the Grand Tetons (2012)
16 Build a treehouse
17 Buy someone a house
18 Camp in a national park
19 Carry the olympic torch
20 Catch a trout fly fishing
21 Climb a lighthouse
22 Complete a 40 day fast
23 Crank my neck upward at the Sistine Chapel
24 Create a board game
25 Dance with an African Tribe
26 Deep sea fish
27 Dig a well for community
28 Eat at michelin award winning restaurant
29 Eat chocolate in Switzerland
30 Encircle a giant sequoia at Yosemite National Park
31 Experience Zero Gravity
32 Finish a corn maze (2008)
33 Fly a kite with my girls on the beach
34 Fly in a private jet
35 Get gas at the world’s largest truck stop (2011)
36 Give a $10,000 gift to charity (2010)
37 Give a $25,000 gift
38 Give a $50,000 gift
39 Give away a car (2009)
40 Go indoor skydiving
41 Go on a 30 Day leadership adventure
42 Go on a cruise (2000)
43 Go sailing
44 Go whale watching
45 Go White Water Rafting
46 Go Zorbing
47 Golf at Pebble Beach
48 Graduate with a masters degree
49 Have a book published
50 Have a conversation in 2 second languages
51 Hear Niagra Falls
52 Help build an orphanage
53 Hike in the Grand Canyon
54 Hike part of the Appalachians
55 Hike up Machu Picchu
56 Host a 20 camp in each state
57 Host a Christmas party for people with no where to go (2011)
58 Host a collection (10 piece min)
59 Host a foreign exchange student
60 Host a leadership training in Antarctica
61 Invent a well known game
62 Kiss the Blarney Stone
63 Learn a foreign language
64 Learn to juggle
65 Live in NYC for 6 months
66 Make a scrapbook with each child
67 Marvel at Aurora Borealis
68 Meet the POTUS
69 Mush a dog sled
70 Own  a house outright
71 Own a cool antique
72 Own a pinball machine
73 Own a signed copy of “Giving Tree”
74 Parasail (2000)
75 Participate in a reenactment
76 Plant a master’s commission or ministry school
77 Play bocce ball
78 Pray in the holy land
79 Preach in a foreign country (2006, Haiti)
80 Push a stone at Stonehenge
81 Quote scripture at Christ the Redeemer (2012)
82 Raise $1 million in 1 fundraiser
83 Raise my arms on the top 5 coasters in the world
84 Read 52 book in 1 year
85 Read the Bible in 7 different translations
86 Read the complete works of C.S. Lewis
87 Read the top 100 books of all time
88 Read the works of John Maxwell
89 Receive a standing ovation (2000)
90 Receive an honorary degree
91 Ride a camel in its natural environment
92 Ride a roller coaster at Cedarpoint (2012)
93 Ride a train
94 Ride an ostrich
95 Ride in a gondola
96 Ride in a helicopter
97 Ride in a hot air balloon
98 Run a 1/2 marathon
99 RV across part of America
100 Say something profound which becomes a famous quote
101 SCUBA dive
102 See a bear catch a salmon
103 See Adele in concert
104 See blinded eyes open
105 See Old Faithful erupt in Yellowstone (2012)
106 See the Acropolis in Greece
107 Shake hands with a matador
108 Share my faith in a communist nation (2011)
109 Share my faith in an Islamic nation
110 Shoot a hole-in-one in golf
111 Sing in Silver Dollar City (2010)
112 Sleep  in a castle
113 Sleep in a rainforest (2009)
114 Snow ski (2011)
115 Speak to 10000 people at one time
116 Speak to a group with the assistance of a translator (2011, Cuba)
117 Stand on the equator
118 Start a family christmas tradition (2012, we make pancakes together for breakfast)
119 Start a phenomenon
120 Start a scholarship fund/program
121 Step foot on all 7 continents
122 Surf
123 Swim at Schlitterbahn
124 Swim in a great lake
125 Swim in a waterfall
126 Swim in the dead sea
127 Swim the Great Barrier Reef
128 Tackle a Food Challenge
129 Take a Bus ride to Chichen Itza (2007)
130 Take a cooking class
131 Take a ferry to the Statue of Liberty (2008)
132 Take a picture in front of the Taj Mahal
133 Take a road trip (2012)
134 Take a spiritual retreat in a cabin
135 Take an art class
136 Take dance lessons
137 Take my family to all 4 Disney World parks
138 Take, or commit, a charge from Nick Collison
139 Throw a birthday party for someone who can’t have one (2011)
140 Throw out a first pitch
141 Touch an Easter Island Mo’ai
142 Tour of 5 Tulsa bed and breakfasts
143 Tour the Great Pyramids
144 Travel with Nomads
145 Visit 50 (or better) national parks
146 Visit 50 countries by 50 years of age
147 Visit all 50 US States
148 Visit Angkor Wat
149 Visit Anne Frank’s house
150 Visit Boston (2012)
151 Visit Elephant National Park in Thailand
152 Visit Neuschweinstein Castle in Germany
153 Visit Petra, Jordan
154 Visit the 5 largest rivers in the world
155 Visit the Galapagos Islands
156 Visit the world’s 5 greatest museums
157 Visit Washington, D.C.
158 Walk the Camino Del Rey
159 Walk the Great Wall of China
160 Wash an elephant
161 Watch a world cup match in person
162 Watch migration on the Serengeti
163 Watch the final four in person
164 Watch the whiling dervishes in Istanbul
165 Water ski (1995)
166 Write a book (2009)
167 Write a children’s book
168 Yell “are you not entertained” at the Colosseum

169 Climb Mt. Kilamanjaro

170 Sauna in Finland

171 Eat chicken and waffles (legit chicken and waffles)

172 Eat in a foreign embassy

173 Receive an Eagle Scout pin (2013)

174 own rental property

175 See all European Capitals

176 Skydive

177 Go to Disneyland

178 Have 3 meals in 3 countries in 1 day


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