Refuge Youth

Refuge is a ministry designed for students in grades 6-12.  We also have an extensive collegiate internship.  It’s a place for passionate followers of Jesus to pray, worship, learn, and lead.  It’s a place for young people to seek God, find friends, and be themselves.

No one belongs here more than you



4 thoughts on “Refuge Youth

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  2. Hi! I’m a youth pastor who has been going through the process of finding a new name & logo for our youth group as we move into a new building. We finally settled on Refuge as the name, inspired by Psalm 46:1, to send a message that we want Refuge to be a safe place for Jr. Highers to learn about the amazing gift God has given us in salvation through Jesus.

    While I was brainstorming for ideas on the logo, I found yours. I would really love to use it! Although ministry is SO much more than a logo, I think yours is incredibly intriguing. To the point that when a student wears it to school on a shirt, it would turn heads and maybe, just maybe, spark a conversation that could bring a new face through the door. I understand that someone went to a great deal of work to create such an awesome thing, and we wanted to make sure that we would not infringe upon you in any way. If we can’t use it, that’s totally okay, but could you point us in the direction of whoever made it so we can work on something similar? Thanks!

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