Where were you the 1st time you saw this?

Where were you when you first saw this video?

It was a simpler time then. The days before we tweeted or grammed instantly. We posted our thoughts on Xanga, and kids knew what Napster was. Go ahead, ask a teenager what Napster is and see the confused look. This video takes me back and makes me realize a few things about worry. Worrying does not help me much, and I spend too much time doing it. Before I know it, The Fox will be like the Numa guy. Ferris Bueller may have had it right. Life does move pretty fast.

It has been said that today’s trying times will be tomorrow’s good old days.

The older I get, the more true this appears.

So, today, don’t worry so much. Please give yourself a break. Watch this video and think of some good old days. All of the stuff that is worrying you today, will probably matter very little in a few years.


One thought on “Where were you the 1st time you saw this?

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