Make a “Why” List

dreamHello Dreamers who dare to dream.

Hello fellow Makers of Music.

Hello Doer of Deeds of which others fear to dare.

Today, I encourage you to pursue your purpose. Let your mind’s eye see a future and go create it. But, beware, it will not be easy. It will not come quickly. It will take determination, creativity, and hustle.

Some days it won’t feel worth it. You are spending your money, energy, and free time to make a dream a reality and you are getting nowhere. Some days it seems you are at a dead end. A road block has appeared and there is no way around it. It is time to quit. The easy advice here is “Don’t give up.” Well said, Murr, you are an inspirational genius. I know it is easy to say, “Don’t give up” but seriously don’t. You can do this. You just need to look at your “Why” list.


Your “Why” List is all of the reasons you are doing what you are doing. It may have many items that show why you are chasing your dream, or it may only have one item. The number of reasons doesn’t matter. The content matters. If you know why you are doing something, the rest will fall into place. The cost is of no concern if my reason why is of value to me.

Why am I busting my tail going back to college? My family will have a brighter future.

Why am I  waking up every morning at 5am to work on my book? I am a born author, and find satisfaction nowhere else.

Why am I spending free time planning leadership camps? The joy of seeing a volunteer’s life transform is priceless.

Make a “Why” list. Put it where you can see it daily. Put it in more than one place. Look at it when you experience a failure, because you will. Read it when someone breaks a commitment to you, because they will. Read it again when you question if your dream is worth it, because you will ask that question.

But trust me, it’s worth it. You know why.


What do you think?

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