It is hard for me to handle the truth, so thank you veterans

veterans dayThank you to all of our veterans.

I am not a proponent of war. The atrocities of war are overwhelming. The screams of innocent blood that is shed is deafening. In many ways, I consider myself a pacifist. Often, I think of how both sides think they are right in a conflict. And while I am proud to be an American (cue Lee Greenwood), I feel I have no better birthright than any other country in the world. Their is furthermore no hierarchy system, i.e. The U.S. is better than everyone else, the western Europeans are better than Russians, and God knows we are all better than Iranians.

This lost clip is eye opening.

Nonetheless, I am extremely thankful for our men and women in military service.

Why? Because you are willing to fight for my family. All of our families. You risk your life for people you have never met, nor will you ever meet. While I may wish for a world in which war and hostility did not exist, I know it is a fantasy. Those things do exist. And you are there to protect us.

It is hard for me to handle the truth. While I sleep under a blanket of freedom, it is difficult for me to fathom how that blanket is created. I wish this world was better. I believe someday it will be. I pray for this world to be at peace. But while it is not, I am eternally grateful for men and women who serve us.

You are truly the brave, so I live in the land of the free.


What do you think?

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