How to Change a Child’s Life

We celebrated Halloween last week, and there are still a few things on my mind. Yes, I am a Christian and minister who celebrates Halloween actively. (Top 5 reasons I celebrate Halloween).  On Tuesday, our Refuge crew stayed up all night decorating the theater. We then held a Trunk-or-Treat for kids on Wednesday. On Thursday, we had a neighborhood hangout with our girls handing out candy in the driveway. On Friday, we all crashed from the sugar high. That’s a nice 90s reference if you missed it. 

IMG_0151 IMG_0152

Our family had 3 farmers and a little cow. My good friend Ryan Eller’s neighborhood had the coolest Halloween idea I heard. They had a hot dog, chip, and candy pot luck in a driveway and projected Monsters University on the garage. Brilliant.

monsters university

All week it was all about kids. All about fun.

I believe in loving kids. I think we should esteem them in the highest ways. Many of us heaped candy on them last week. But in regards to children, our most precious resource, here are a few things I have learned that we should really give them.

1. Time – It has been said that you spell love T-I-M-E. This is certainly critical to love, if not completely true. To all my friends reading, especially parents out there. Here is a tip I have learned. You are not as busy as you think. You are not too busy to take time for your children. Here is what I mean by that. The 1 minute rule.


When my daughter wants me to watch her twirl as I walk out the door, I have two choices. 1. Say I have to get to work and go 2. Give her literally 1 minute and watch her. Often, if we would give our kids 1 more minute, it would be a world of difference. On a larger note, give time to your kids. Don’t have much. Find it. here are some good places to look for a few more minutes with your kids:

TV, specifically football, basketball, and baseball events for us fathers.

Facebook and Twitter

Working at home – will that 15 minutes really matter? Or get tough and wake up early.

2. Imagination – Growing up my grandparents had 2 large propane tanks in their yard. Those propane tanks made excellent tanks, horses, a fort, and a host of other pretend items for our fun. Give this creativity to children. Don’t worry about the rules of a game. Don’t care what you wil look like. Turn a stick into a sword. Make a block into a treasure. If you did this, you would be a kid’s hero.

3.Compliments – Sadly, I see men struggle to talk to little kids. You want to see a man squirm, put him in a room with a child and ask them to have a conversation. Here is the trick. Just compliment them. Tell a little girl how pretty her hair is. tell a little boy how awesome his backpack looks. When you give a child a compliment you build their self esteem and open a door that allows them to express themselves. When you freely give a child a compliment, you build a safety net for them to share more with you.


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