Best Christian Song of the Year. Hands Down.

This is the latest installment from Miss Katy Perry. The song, “Unconditionally,” is a fantastic depiction of God’s love for us. Now, if Katy meant for it to be, or not, is a great question. Katy’s background in Christianity is well documented (check it our here). But is this a song written for God and/or about God’s love?

For me it is. I have scoured the lyrics and everything resonates with the Bible and christian beliefs. Specifically, the line “you are unworthy.” In the context of God to humans, this line is absolutely appropriate. In any other context, this line is pompous and rude.

This all brings up a better question. What makes a song Christian?

What if the lyrics are uplifting God, even directly uplifting Jesus, but it is sung by Lady Gaga?

What if Gaga is singing Amazing Grace?

What if the lyrics are terrible, even anti-God, but sung by Casting Crowns?

What if Casting Crowns sings, er, well…I am unfamiliar with secular music and have no examples of unholy songs.

So what makes a song Christian, the artist or the lyrics? Or the label that tells us it is Christian?

For me, it is a dangerously slippery slope to label music christian and non-christian. God has spoken to me through many “non-christian” songs. For example, click here or here.

I have too many thoughts and follow up questions on what we should actually listen to. Maybe I will write on those another day. Questions like does a song have to overtly glorify God to be Christian? Does it have to have zero cuss words? What qualifies as a cuss word? All these questions and more go into the great blender that is our spirituality. Perhaps, everything is permissible  but not everything is beneficial. Hey that’s a pretty good line….but I may have heard it somewhere.

Today all I say is this: be careful with labels. You may get stuck listening to this your whole life.




What do you think?

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