Why I Celebrate Halloween

Today is October 31, so Happy Halloween!

Today reminds me of a few things. My love for chocolate, the greatest music video of all time, and the dirty looks I will get from better Christians than me for celebrating All Hallow’s Eve. Which is actually short for All Saints Day, a Christian tradition.

Man, that’s a good video.

I am a believer in Jesus Christ. As such, there is a good amount of tension among my tribe whether we should celebrate Halloween or not. In fact, I received a brochure on my door this week called “A Biblical and Historical Look at Halloween.”


My first inclination was an eye-roll of cynicism as I thought another fellow Christian was condemning me. But I was pleasantly surprised. In the finale of the booklet, the author declares, “Psalm 24:1 points out that everything belongs to the Lord. Therefore, there is no reason to let Satan have Halloween.” I agree. Here are my top 5 reasons for celebrating Halloween.

1. I like to celebrate

Each day is difficult enough. We need reason to celebrate. If most of the world chooses to have a party on October 31st, I find it very negative not to join in.

2. Pagan Schmagan

I am so tired of the “pagan origin” thing.  If I look long enough, I can find pagan origins for just about anything. If jack-o-lanterns hosted demons to some culture or people had a day of the dead at some point, I don’t care. This line of thinking is a slippery slope of legalism. Check out Christmas trees and church steeples for some perspective.

3. I know what I am celebrating

This is a combination of the first two points, but I celebrate Halloween as a fun, festive time to make believe and eat candy. That’s it. I want my girls able to be able to separate babies from bath water. I want them to know why they do the things they do. With this in mind, we as reasonably intelligent human beings are perfectly capable of enjoying life without holistically buying into the beliefs or practices of others. Which brings me to number four.

 4. I do not endorse vandalism or sacrificing cats

Many opponents of Christian celebration of Halloween will point to the rise of occult activity and vandalism during this time. While this may be true, my celebration does not increase these activities nor does my abstinence decrease them. After every major sports championship, vandalism rises in winning cities. Yet we watch sports, and hold church Super Bowl parties. Also occult activity happens daily. If anything, Halloween serves as a reminder to pray and fight darkness with light.

5. I really like candy

How often do you get to eat as much candy as you want with no judgment from anyone? One day, that’s how often. And I am not missing that day.


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