I like the rain, so should you

imgresNow I will not go as far as the nineties band Garbage and say I’m Only Happy When It Rains, but I will say that I thoroughly enjoy rainy days. I really like a good rain storm. I am not a storm chaser, and do not like crawling into a cellar, but a good solid downpour is ok with me.

Today is such a day. What I really dislike are all the people who vehemently claim they do not like rainy days. Why? These poor souls are too short sided. Do you like to eat? Thank the rain. Do you like to breathe? Thank the rain. Now, I will grant a rainy day can sure frustrate a good baseball outing, kite flying, or cricket match, but most people are not disgruntled from those interruptions . They just don’t like rain. On rainy days, as always we must look at the big picture. Temporary frustrations or difficulties are always necessary for growth. It is true for our environment and true for ourselves.

So if you find yourself upset on a rainy day, remember it could be a drought.

This is just weird. Wow, to think this was popular. Feel free to comment if you remember when this was


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