Who are your kids’ heroes?

I stumbled across an article that was incredibly interesting to me. A photographer frustrated by the Halloween costume choices decided to dress her daughter as iconic women of achievement.

Here is the full article. Photographer’s daughter dressed as heroes.

5years-daughter-photographed-as-historical-women-3 ameliaandemmapostsizelogo-640x419The list included Amelia Earhart, Helen Keller (both pictured above), Susan B. Anthony and others. In a world where pop culture is idolized, it is easy for our kids to keep up with Kardashians and see the world through blurred lines.

I am definitely a Disney fan. However, I do not want daughters thinking a Disney Princess is the epitome of what is is to be a lady. It brings up such a series of questions for me, and I am not completely settled on the answers. To all of my fellow parents out there, how are you answering these questions.

But who should they truly admire?

Who should be our children’s heroes?

What traits do I want my kids to most possess?

More importantly how do we teach them all the above?


What do you think?

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