This map video is really amazing. And we assume too much.

Ok, so you should trust me and watch this video. It starts slow but then takes off into some really cool directions. It makes you think. If it doesn’t, feel free to call me an idiot with terrible video opinions in the comment box.

Did you watch it? Wasn’t it cool. He shows some really interesting maps. Here are some wow factors that I had to watch again.

1. Africa is bigger than I thought, and Greenland is  much smaller.

2. Paid maternity leave…interesting.

3. It is definitely called pop.

So this go me thinking. We all base our opinions on assumptions we hold to be true. We base our assumptions on data that we trust or believe. For instance, I based my assumption that Greenland was very large on the mercator map. This turns out to be a distorted reality. The thing is we take our assumptions everywhere. It is impossible to leave them behind. This is particularly tricky when dealing with people and when conflicts arise.

Most conflicts arise because of our assumptions of others. In my experience, just like this map, our assumptions are often distorted. Instead of holding fast to our assumptions and therefore opinions and actions, we should be willing to listen to others and understand their assumptions.

We would all do well then to realize a few things.

1. Most of my assumptions are exactly that, assumptions, not facts.

2. Understand others have assumptions also.

3. Be willing to set my assumptions aside to settle matters, and understand others.


What do you think?

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