Wednesday Night Lights Poem

A few weeks ago, we at Refuge celebrated fall with Wednesday Night Lights. The pictures below tell the story of not only the night, but also of Refuge Youth itself.

At Refuge, it is about being a family.

yn0006It is about having friends and being accepted, thumbs up, and peace signs.

yn0007Girls can play football if they want.

yn0010It is not about looking too cool for school.

yn0015We all jump into any event. We go crazy and paint our faces.


Often people feel like they have to prove themselves, or be something they are not. yn0016

They get weird looks from people. yn0019But, not at Refuge.

yn0022You can be who you are.

yn0027Paint your hair green.

yn0034Wear crazy wigs.

yn0036Life is rough and sometimes you get hurt.

yn0037This is a place you can eat.

yn0038And pose proudly. And walk away from that guy posing proudly.

yn0041Why? We are all looking up to a higher power.

yn0045Kristie may wave at you.


Quanah may yell.yn0051But we will always pick each other up,

yn0052march on,

yn0053and smile at you.

yn0054No matter how young you are,

yn0056or how cool you are,

yn0064Hadley is there to take your picture.

yn0074We love each other enough to make goofy faces,

yn0075and give crazy hugs.

yn0083We are always excited to see you!


If you are new and not ready for a picture pose, that’s ok.

yn0094Pretty soon, you will be in pictures like this!

yn0097So, sit on someone’s tailgate (because that’s what friends do)

yn0102Sydney will keep track,

yn0107Adonis will throw you a football,

yn0120Bradley will try to out throw him,

yn0112and Murr will cheer you on!

yn0136At Refuge we wave a flag for everyone. You deserve it.

Special thanks to Ott’s mom for the pics.


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