here is what the fox is really saying

As of this post, this wildly viral video had close to 100 million views. If you have not seen it, here you go.

Believe it or not, I know what the fox says. For those of you who read this blog frequently it will come as no surprise, the Fox teaches us a few lessons!

1. Do what you do.

Ylvis is a popular Norwegian comedy duo. They have been doing musical parodies and sketch comedy for a while. They are now receiving international success. Most people just seek success, not really focusing on what they actually do.

2. Do it well.

My first thought when I watched this video: “This is like a REAL music video, it is really high quality.” Would this video be do drastically popular if it was made in a garage with an old Beta camera. NO. No way as a matter of fact. Here is a lesson that if often overlooked. Quality matters. I especially run into this with young speakers and ministers. Just because you are a good person with good ideas, does not mean people will listen to you, or hire you, or follow you. You must constantly work on your craft.

3. Keep doing it.

The brother duo of Ylvis have been at this since I was in high school. That’s the year 2000 for those keeping track. In our era of reality shows and quick contests, it is easy to forget the simple power of longevity. Here is a valuable insight to most overnight success stories. They did not happen overnight. Most of the time the results of whatever we set out to achieve do not look like we want. It takes time.

Whether this video reaches Gangnam Style status is yet to be seen, but one thing is sure, it worked.

So, know what you do, do it well, and keep doing it. Don’t worry about the success or even results. If you are true to your message and who you are, the right doors will open at the right times.


2 thoughts on “here is what the fox is really saying

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