Be single and own it

singleBeing single in the church is a difficult situation. Most services, programs, and even sermons are designed for families. Further, if you happen to have a singles group it is usually appointed to a monthly dating service of sorts. If you are single, you typically get asked a battery of questions from pastors like me or married people like me or people with kids like me. Wow, I am really condemning myself here. There is a great article here about how questions on the topic feel.

In church, we typically promote marriage and highly encourage people to get hitched. The trouble is marriage, it seems, is the second best option scripturally. Specifically in the New Testament.

Both Jesus and Paul bless being single and say it is preferable if you can do it. Check out Matthew 19  and 1 Corinthians 7.

Biblically if you want to be married, then fantastic! God has blessed marriage and you will have a relationship with your spouse that is truly divine. Biblically, if you want to remain unmarried, then fantastic! God has blessed singleness and you will be able to serve God in a capacity that those who are married will never know.

The best question, to me,  is do you want to be married?

If you do, don’t worry. Trust God and He will guide your steps.

If you don’t, don’t worry. Trust God and serve Him in ways that only you can.

Either way, God is and will continue to bless you. Don’t worry about what others think.

And I am really sorry for all the questions.


What do you think?

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