This really makes me want to learn spanish. And why I haven’t

This video is great in english. But watched in spanish, wow, it is awesome! I have long wanted to learn spanish and this pushes me even further. The trouble is I have wanted to learn spanish for several years now and have not done it. Why?

Because want isn’t enough.

I speak with people all the time who want to do great things. They want to live better lives. They want to change the world. But want alone isn’t enough. Want, or desire, is the beginning. Then you have to follow a series of steps to accomplish anything. If the process stops at any point you will not find success.

Step 1: Desire

This is the part where everything would be nice if it would just happen. The things we want or wish were different. I want to learn spanish.

Step 2: Decision

The critical moment where you change your mindset from I want to do this, to I will do this.

Step 3: Direction

This is where formulate a plan and find your direction.

Step 4: Dedication

This is the follow through of that direction.

That’s how you go from “I want to” to “I did.”

Right now I am in Step 1 of Learning Spanish. Where are you with any of your goal? Any thoughts os these steps.


What do you think?

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