A Lesson from Wednesday Night Lights

This is what happens when you let a bunch of young people loose…….GREATNESS.

This Wednesday, September 18th, Refuge Youth will host Wednesday Night Lights at M1A. It is going to be a crazy fun night with football contests, Hot Dog BOTS, Powder Puff, and Midget Football.  We will even get serious for about 5 minutes and talk about The Halftime Score.

Here is the lesson I am learning as a leader.

Back off and let people lead.

Our intern crew completely planned and will completely execute this event. All too often leaders claim to delegate when in reality they simply add a person to their process. We do it for a variety of reasons, insecurity, distrust, and ego to name a few. This hinders us as leaders, our organizations, and the people with whom we are working. It is a lesson much easier to preach than practice.

Are you truly delegating?

Are you allowing others to make decisions?

Are you giving authority with responsibility?

Do you trust your team?

Micromanagement is a term most of us do not like. We certainly would not want to be described as such. I encourage anyone who considers herself to be a leader to look at this question honestly. You may be surprised how micro you manage.


What do you think?

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