Things I Learned from Blake Bell

Blake bell bulldozer
Blake Bell is best known as the Belldozer, but I know him as a leader. A few weeks ago, Blake Bell did not receive the starting QB job for the Oklahoma Sooners. Most of the sports world, including me, thought he would receive the position. Yes, I consider myself part of the sports world. But he did not get the job. Since then, he has had the opportunity to play and start for OU and has done well. He handled the entire situation extremely well, and here is what I learned.

Don’t take opportunities for granted

blake bell bulldozer

As I mentioned, just about everyone thought he was the starter. Many of us tend to coast when we think a job or opportunity is in the nag. Don’t. You never know what will happen. There is never an excuse to do less than your best. If you have been fortunate enough to have good opportunities come your way, be thankful. Do not have an attitude of entitlement.

Don’t whine over lost opportunities

In an era of twitter, facebook, and youtube sound bites of disgruntled players and family members of players abound. I never heard a single negative comment from Blake Bell, his parents, or his 3rd cousin twice removed. This is rare. Most people blame others when an opportunity is lost. They also share their complaint with anyone who will listen.

blake bell bulldozer

Support the opportunities of others

Not only did Bell not complain, he also supported Knight and the rest of his team.

You can choose to live in abundance or scarcity. You can choose to live in optimism or pessimism. You can can choose to live in yesterday’s lost chances or today’s possibilities. When you support others you are choosing to live in the positive, the now, and the possibilities. When you do this, others notice. They are then much more likely to reward you with another opportunity.

Take advantage of your opportunity

blake bell bulldozer

Everything would have been wasted if Blake Bell had not been ready. Despite disappointment, he kept himself mentally and physically ready for the opportune moment. Many spend their time detailing how they deserve more or better opportunities instead of preparing himself for an opportunity. Great opportunities go to the prepared.


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