How to share your Faith

Most of us have been trained to invite people to church. This invitation equals sharing our faith. Often that invite loos like this:

The classic “invite someone to church” is great, but it is hardly sharing our faith.

As a Christian, there seems to be a division between acceptance of ideas and loyalty to our beliefs. That there is no middle ground. If I do not rigidly and dogmatically share my beliefs while completely condemning others, I am not a follower of Christ. Or I must completely accept other beliefs while shying away from my own stance, or I am not truly loving people. Both are too far. Sharing my beliefs is not judging or trashing another human’s ideology. Moreover, listening to someone else’s beliefs is not accepting them as my own.

Here is my 3 point stance:

Share your beliefs

Share them. Often. Share them without yelling. Share them without guilt. Share them without a microphone or event.

Genuinely Listen to others

The key verb is share. I speak, then I listen. Or better, I listen, then I speak. I share thoughts and beliefs with no agenda to convince anyone or achieve a quota. I simply share. I let God do the rest.

Love everybody

All. Every. Color, religion, preferences aside. I love.


What do you think?

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