Salt, Light, Nemo, and a Cool New Song

salt and lightLast Night at Refuge was incredible! Here’s the Recap if you missed it.

The Highlight:

Matt Butler (intern class 3.1 member) preached and did an absolutely remarkable job. I personally loved every minute of his sermon. Every…..single……..minute!

He spoke about Salt and Light. The fact is Christianity doesn’t stop at salvation. It only begins.

In Acts, the people took note that the apostles were ordinary men, but had been with Jesus. Incredible! The greek word for ordinary could be translated as idiots. This is a powerfully remarkable example that we are nothing but Christ is everything, and the people took not.

To be salt and light we must, then, SEEK GOD.

We must also be aware of THE POWER OF OUR WORDS.

For such a young minister, Matt did an absolutely incredible job. I cannot wait to see how God uses this young man of God. He is talented yet humble. I am so glad he is on the team!

The total play by play:

Kristina Large opened up the night with a Wednesday Night Lights Promo – it’s next week and you do not want to miss it.

We then played a new incredible game called Finding Nemo. Here is my favorite Nemo clip!

Family Time was next and our families are doing so stinkin’ well! A special shout out to the mentors and interns for leading our students. EPIC 2013 is going to be out of this world!

After Family time, we worshipped together with this line up. Our newest additions to the worship team played Pure.  I cannot say how proud I am of them. BTW, contact Brandi the Assistant if you play or sing and want to be a part of the Refuge Band.

Here is the cool new song!


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