How to Get a Free Breakfast

cafe-roma-breakfastA radio program broadcast some pretty incredible “shortcuts” or “cheats” this morning. Check them out:

1. How to Get a Free Breakfast

Visit your local Holiday Inn Express, or favorite hotel and enjoy their complimentary breakfast. Most of the time, the morning staff differs from the night staff, so they have no idea who is an actual guest. Plus, how many times have you been asked to see some ID at breakfast?!

2. Always  speak Spanish

When calling customer service, always press the number for spanish. These reps are bilingual. They are also in the US. IN addition, the line is exponentially shorter.

3. Upgrade your Seat

Purchase cheap tickets for an event. Then about an hour before visit StubHub, and see what seats are still available. Chances are, they won’t get sold, and you won’t get caught.

Are these and other shortcuts ethical? IS it cheating? Is it immoral? These would certainly be gray areas, and my point is not to endorse or condemn these ideas. But I will say this:  Small areas of compromise lead to large areas of compromise.

If you are willing to lie, cheat, or steal in one area of life, chances are you will be willing to do so in other areas. It has been said that it’s easier to keep a commitment 100% of the time than 99% of the time. This is so true. Have you ever regretted keeping a true commitment or holding a higher standard? Me neither. So often we justify our actions or try to excuse our own behavior. We would do well to take the higher road of integrity every time we get the chance.


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