You dropped the ball on the 1 yard line???

How can you drop the ball on the 1 yard line?

Who drops the ball that close to the goal?

You cannot do that.

But people do that!


and here

It also happens everyday, somewhere. It has happened to me. It has probably happened to you. I am using the wrong verbs because we DROP the ball, it doesn’t just happen. We finish to early. We do not complete what we start.

A great friend of mine, Jason Fullerton, spoke recently on the subject of completion. Check out the entire message here. 

He said we have lost the art of finishing. I agree. I also love the way he states it. The art of finishing is a rare talent. Many of us are great starters. Guilty, right here. But most are terrible finishers. We get tired, or we get bored, or we run into obstacles.

There are legitimate times when a project has run its course or there are substantial reasons to quit. I mean, a goal can change. But many of us are notorious SAFTs (Start Awesome Finish Terrible). Ok, horrible acronym. Think about it. We see a P90X commercial, get fired up, and call Tony to get ripped.

tony horton P90X

That works for about a week. The 90 is for 90 days…yeah, right. Have you ever tried Ab Ripper X for 90 days?

The truth of the matter is finishing strong is difficult. But the fruit is so sweet. Most of us don’t get to enjoy it because we plant new seeds before the first ones are ready to harvest. I love a good agricultural metaphor!

Some things we need to quit. There are some projects that are dead and now taking valuable time. Other items on our agenda, we need to grit our teeth, and finish. I know I do.

Today you may be 1 yard away from a touchdown. Don’t drop the ball.


What do you think?

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