Bring a Friend Night…wait…why?

Tonight is “Bring a Friend Night” at Refuge Youth Ministries. Why? Because we like to bring our friends with us places. Nothing more, nothing less. Tonight, we will have no special speaker. We will have no special music. No cool lights. No awesome games. Not even free pizza or pop rocks.

It is Wednesday. We have a get-together each Wednesday, so tonight will be fairly standard. I don’t know why we feel the need to get all fired up and have some big time, out-of-the-ordinary such and such to invite someone to church. We are a group of people who hold similar beliefs and invite anyone to join. So, bring a friend.

It’s like when a group of people are sitting at a table and it’s time to get up and move to the next location for said group’s hangout. One member is still new, and has not been officially invited. Someone would then say, “hey, you should come.” Or possibly assume they were coming all along, and say “Aren’t you coming?” In the same way, tonight we ask our friends, “Do you want to go with me?”

To all my young Christian friends, it is that laid back and hassle free. I hope you feel no pressure. Tonight, at our youth gathering, we will play a few games, get to know each other, sing some songs in worship, and listen to a short talk. Then we hang out and play some volleyball.

So bring a friend if you want to. Why? It’s what friends do.


What do you think?

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