football or Football? Which did you watch this week?

Football season is here! Don’t get me wrong. I love football, all sports really. So, I am not here to condemn or throw stones. Just trying to gain some perspective, and make sure football is in the right place.

The NFL recently settled with former players for close to 1 billion dollars. It wasn’t even a dint in the billions they will make. College football scandals like Jonny Football’s signature are huge because of the billions of dollars in college football. Where is this money coming from? You. Me. All of us who call ourselves fans. In a time of unemployment, recession, and uncertainty, our financial commitment to football has never wavered. In a world where children starve because they don’t have clean water, we support athletes who are starved for larger contracts.

We give our money to football.

Money isn’t the only thing. We spend alot of time watching football. The last 2 super bowls were the most watched programs in history. 40% of Americans watch 10 hours or more of football per week (according to tv by the numbers). At the very least, most fans would say they watch quite a bit of football.

We give our time to football.

Huffington Post reported that fantasy football costs the economy upwards of 6.5 billion dollars. I don’t know about that, but I know many people who spend alot of time on fantasy football (myself included). Changing line-ups, making trades, and checking injury reports adds up. It’s time and attentio we take away from work, family, and well, anything else useful.

We give our attention to football.

I love watching football and I am not going to quit anytime soon. But let’s be realistic and admit that it is a pretty consuming beast. Is it an idol? Maybe. I know it takes our money, time and attention. I won’t go so far to as to say it is an idol for everyone, but I will say it zaps a ton of our excuses.

When thinking about your spiritual life today, it is easy to come up with excuses. We have excuses not to pray, or read, or give. When those come up, just think of football. How much of you are you giving to football? The answers may start to sort themselves.

Cheer on your team. Draft your fantasy roster. Just make sure it is all about football, and not Football.


What do you think?

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