Thank you Rod Loy

Last week, I sat down for a couple of hours with my good friends Ryan Eller, Darrin Ballard, and Pastor Rod Loy. We interviewed Pastor Rod on leadership. He is a fantastic leader and an incredible man of God. His time is valuable, so it speaks to his character and leadership that he would invest his time in us. A special thank you to the office assistants for hooking us up with some Panera lunch. Aside from my crunching of chips, which I learned later, it was perfect. Have you ever had chips from Panera Bread? They are really crunchy.

Here are some invaluable insights I took away from our time with Rod:

1. Transition from accomplishment to legacy.

2. Critics tend to guide the agenda. Don’t overreact to criticism.

3. When handling a mistake, own it and admit it quickly.


What do you think?

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