17 minutes and 7 facts about Dr. MLK Jr.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of this most remarkable speech. Two years ago, I had the priviledge of vsiiting the MLK memorial in Atlanta Georgia. It was fantastic, and everyone should go. In learning more about Dr. Martin Luther King I discovered some interesting history.

He is the youngest male to win the Nobel Peace Prize

He won a grammy. Yep, really. 1971, Best Spoken Word, Why I Oppose the War in Vietnam

His name was originally Micheal, not Martin.

In 1958, he was stabbed with a letter opener in an assassination attempt.

He skipped 2 years of high school.

He is the only U.S. born person with a national holiday named after him.

He was the 1st African American to be named Time Magazine’s Man of the Year.

I found a more detailed list at Today I Found Out, it was great!

It is astounding to think of these 17 minutes. 17 minutes. What can you do in 17 minutes? What are you doing? This video is a testament to the power of your words. While most of us may speak for days, and say nothing of note. Dr. King spoke 17 minutes and we are celebrating it 50 years later.

Your words are powerful. What are you saying?

Here is the entire “I Have a Dream” speech. It is worth watching.


What do you think?

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