She thinks we’re just fishin’ (parental thoughts from a parent-in-training)

first fishing tripThis is my sweet Adelae Joy on our first fishing trip a couple of Saturdays ago. We went to my mom and dad’s land and fished at a pond. It was, as you can imagine, a fantastic experience. I also learned a valuable lesson that has cemented into my being the last few weeks. The value of spontaneity.

Dear fellow parents, please listen. Do not undervalue the spontaneous trip or event, however great or small it may appear.

Here are a few thing to note about our trip.

1. I am not much of a fisherman. My brother, who is much a fisherman, makes fun of me because I am apt to bring a book alongside a fishing trip.

2. Adelae, nor I, have any fishing gear.

3. The trip was not planned in the slightest. Not at all. Not even a little.

Here’s how it went. Saturday morning all the Murrs wake up and eat breakfast. We ask Adelae casually what she wanted to do that day. Mostly for amusement, because 3 year olds can have very creative answers. Boy was she creative!

“Adelae what do you want to do today?” asks Dada

“Go fishing!” she answers with enthusiasm and without hesitation.

So I looked at Mama, we silently agreed. “Let’s go!” So a quick run to K-Mart, (Yes, we still have K-Mart in Muskogee. It is way underrated by the way. Decent options. Way less of a crowd than Wally World) for a Dora fishing pole and off to Wainwright we went. Here is my lesson to us parents. We worry way to much about the plan. I had more than several extremely qualified reasons to not go fishing. But it was so worth it. Typically, I come up with excuses and the promise of “Maybe later” or “another day.”

Sadly another day doesn’t come. We think there is not enough time. There is. We think we are unprepared. You probably are. We think something may not go right. It almost always does. All these things are insignificant to our children. Just be there with them. Make memories for them. They will not remember the time crunch, or lack of fill-in-the-blank. They will remember going, and a mama or daddy who took them.

So let loose, plan less, and do more. Hit the zoo. Go to the park. Fish.

If you are like me and Adelae, grab a sack lunch. We had one bite, caught zero fish, and mostly snacked. That’s my girl!IMG_0035


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