More gross: Miley Cyrus or Robin Thicke? Then I thought about it.

hannah montanaOK, I admit, I took the bait. I swallowed the hook. Miley and her band of sex crazed care bears wanted me to watch the VMA youtube clip today, and I did. But was it worth the cost? I am not sure what image there was to uphold, but it was certainly lost. After watching the video, although I literally averted my eyes a few times out of sadness, I am left with some  questions.

1. This is terrible. Do people actually find this sexy?

2. What is up with the bears?

3. Who is more gross? Miley Cyrus or Robin Thicke. I wish they would have used some blurred lines over Miley. HAHA. Terrible joke.

Then I thought about it.

To say that this performance was oversexed is a bit like saying Lady Gaga is a bit extreme….um the answer is yes. So, as a follower of Christ, husband of one woman forever, and father, I would say I am on the conservative side of sex and media. So Miley is on the other side. I understand my views, and I can understand someone with a different set of beliefs and values disagreeing with my stance. What is hard for me to imagine is why someone would be so outlandishly on the opposite side of this debate. What is the purpose to be so crude and sexually suggestive, I mean, blatant? Why? I am confused. I mean this was so sexually overdone that it was sometimes pornographic, sometimes comical, and always uncomfortable (just look at the audience, can you imagine being on the front row).

I suppose the answers are relatively simple, crazy bears and sex appeal yield shock value, which yields publicity, which yields fame, which yields money.

Is that it? Am I wrong? I am trying to come up with better, deeper answers. I honestly cannot. This was all about the performers themselves, and the reasons behind it are pretty simple.

Shock, Fame, Money.

To all my kids who want to be famous, To all my friends who want some easy money and quick fame,

Please beware. The desire for money and fame are a slippery slope that all too often ends where no one intended. I feel like a DirectTV commercial, but it’s appropriate.

When the love of money consumes you want easy fame.

When you want easy fame, you make teeny bopper music.

When you make teeny bopper music, people get tired of it.

When people get tired of it, you need more shock value.

When you need more shock value, you dance with cartoon bears and a finger foam all over your crotch in front of millions of people.

Don’t dance with a foam finger all over your crotch, be careful about money and fame.

I do not think Hannah Montana ever intended to see this day. One step simply led to another. Before long, the path was leading itself and this girl was out of control. It is easy for me, or any of us, to condemn Miley Cyrus today and cast stones. But her story is not very different from our own. She simply is on a larger stage. Many if us know what it is like to look at yourself and say, “How did this happen? How did I ever get here?” For that reason, my overwhelming emotion in all of this is sadness. Sadness for Miss Cyrus, and all of us. We are a broken people, easily tempted. The paths that lead of to destruction seem very broad and easy to get lost in. The path may be money, or fame, or sex, or drugs, or any number of traps. If you are on any part of that path which you do not want to go down, please turn around. It may feel too far or too much, but it is not. There is hope. Hope remains when our way, our dignity, and our direction is lost. Feel free to contact me on this or any social media if you need to talk.


What do you think?

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