What should I add to my Bucket List?

images-2EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE A BUCKETLIST.  The caps are because I have my serious face on.

I believe that now more than ever. It is such a profound tool to do your best. It will also motivate you when you need some motivation. I needed some motivation recently so I reviewed my list. I have decided I need to add some Buckets (what we at 20 camp and P.S. affectionately call items on your Bucket List).

I believe you can either let life happen accidentally, because it will), or you can be more purposeful and Live Your List. I choose to live my list. That means from time to time I review, and add, or sometimes subtract. Subtraction is allowed for this reason.

Here are my additions. (inspirations in parenthesis)

169 Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro (thanks Rodney Wardwell)

170 Sauna in Finland (thanks Bizarre Foods)

171 Eat chicken and waffles, legit chicken and waffles, preferably in Atlanta (thanks Lays chips)

172 Eat in a foreign embassy (again, thanks Bizarre Foods)

173 Receive an Eagle Scout pin (2013)  (serious thanks to Brandon Richards)

174 own rental property (thanks to my brother Josh)

175 See all European Capitals (thanks iwish, great app)

176 Skydive (thanks DeWi and RoFe for the inspiration, oh and Ott and Hadley)

177 Go to Disneyland (thanks mom and dad for taking me when I was 5)

178 Have 3 meals in 3 countries in 1 day (again, iwish, great app)

I now sit at 178. Now I am inspired to get to 200. This will be deliberate and I will take my time. I will not lessen my list by adding items willy-nilly. Is that how you spell willy-nilly?

Regardless, that’s my new challenge. SO, what’s on your list that you think I should add? Or what are you to chicken to add that I should add?


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