11,514,816 know this guy – do you?

paulo coelhoQuick, who is Paulo Coelho? Don’t know? I didn’t either.

I stumbled upon Paulo’s blog in a random search. He seemed popular so I googled him. Turns out, he is an author, and a pretty big deal. He wrote The Alchemist. The Alchemist  is a novel by Paulo Coelho first published in the year 1988. This happens to be a top 100 book of all time and on my Bucket List so I took notice. Upon further digging, I found his facebook page. It has 11, 514, 816 likes.

This man has written one of the greatest books in history. He has sold literally millions and millions of copies. He has over 11 million likes on facebook. And I had no idea who he is. You probably did not ever. It got me to thinking.

We all, well most of us, are striving for some level of excellence in our chosen field. This inherently means some level of recognition. We don’t necessarily want worldwide fame, but we want to be known. This need for recognition is only heightened by all of our social media outlets. How many Twitter followers do I have? How many people liked my picture? How many people will read my blog? All of this creates pressure on us. It does for me anyway. I feel the pressure to have more “likes” and more “followers.” I will probably feel the need to see how many people rad this post. Thank you by the way. My self esteem also thanks you. And my mom.

See what I mean, my self worth is not determined by how many people know who I am or follow my blog.

Paulo is refreshing for me. 11 plus million people know who this man is, and I didn’t. He is wildly successful, and I have never heard of him. So, no matter how successful I am, someone will have no clue. That shows me that should not be the measure of my success. I must do what I do because I love doing it. I must say what I say because it is worth saying regardless how many hear it.

That relieves some pressure.


What do you think?

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