Wednesday Refuge Recap

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Hello all my Refugees! Just in case you missed service Wednesday night here is a quick recap.

Camping Trip Summary – The “camping” trip this week surpassed all expectations. Besides a few people fishing, it is really liberal to call this a camping trip, thus the quotation marks. However, hanging out in the pool, beach volleyball, and Just Dance 2 and 3 were definitely good times! Kristie Ridge totally dominated.

The camping trip was a really cool event to simply be friends. Often, I think we underestimate the value of friendship. We also don’t really think of evangelism or witnessing as a form of friendship. But I think it is. As we gear up for school, I have been thinking about evangelism, and how we overcomplicate it. Or at least over-church it.

We tend to think in really drastic terms of evangelism. We also focus too much on the results. Our job is too simply show the love of Jesus, to be the salt of the earth, and the light of the world. Jesus saves people. Jesus changes lives. We should not worry too much about results.

You should however, try to reach this world with His love. How do we do that?

1. Be a Christian

Simple. This does not mean “be perfect.” We are all trying to grow and get better. My best summary for this is to merely not be a jerk. If you are trying to serve Jesus and you are not being a jerk, you are probably doing all right.

2. Be a Friend

Simple. Be a friend to people. The quickest explanation of how to be a friend: don’t be a jerk.

3.  An acronym in honor of back-to-school learning techniques: ABAF

Here is the key to witnessing as a young person. ABAF. When said aloud, this sounds like a place you get clean as in, “Take a baf.” Nope. It is Always Bring A Friend. If you go to church, ABAF. If you go somewhere fun, ABAF. If you go camping with Refuge, ABAF. If you go on the fall break trip, ABAF. Simple.

I hope to see you next Wednesday. And Bring A Friend.

Check out Murr’s worship song of the moment:



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