The absolute solution to phone tag

phone tagHave you ever played phone tag?

Sure you have. We all have. That wonderful merry-go-round of messages as 2 people try to connect. At best, it is slightly time wasting, and at worst it can be ridiculously frustrating. But, I have a solution my friends. That’s right, if you follow my simple formula, you can stop phone tag. ¬†Together, we can change the world. Together, we can rid the world of phone tag, FOREVER.

The solution:

Leave a message

SImple as that, leave a message. A real message. All too often, I receive the message, “call me” or “it’s __________.” This message is fine, however not very useful. I probably know it’s you (caller ID). Please give me more information. If we all would state the reason for calling or question at hand, our call recipients would be able to answer. If upon a call back, we are now unavailable, they can give an appropriate answer….in a message. Phone Tag over. Mission accomplished. I commit to leaving relevant messages. I hope you do too.

Please leave a message.



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