The 20 Camp Hall of Fame

1003320_500843519994616_1126888622_nThere is a very special group of people in my life. These men and women have adopted The 20 Camp as their own and made in incredibly special. The last 3 years, they have served campers and BlueShirts in absolutely extraordinary ways. I cannot thank them enough. You few truly facilitate dreams.   If I had more money, I would ask them to choose a Bucket destination and send them their. If I were more artistic, I would create them a specific work for them and them alone with significant meaning and nuance. Sadly, I am none of these things, so I will choose something near and dear to my heart: The Oklahoma City Thunder. As a kid practicing free throws (games are won and lost there) in Wainwright I dreamed of a professional basketball team in Oklahoma. NO joke. Lo and behold, we have one. Not only that, they have far exceeded any expectations and have made a great dream into a better reality. Sitting alone in my home office in Wagoner, I dreamed of a leadership camp that was a little different.  Lo and behold, we have one. Not only that, you have far exceeded any expectations and turned the 20 Camp into the best camp I have ever attended. You hosted 6 camps in 3 years with greater things on the horizon. You made a 20 Camp happen in Brazil and Cuba. You have turned a great dream into a better reality.    I can only offer a simple “Thank you.”

In an effort to express my thanks, here is a Thunder tribute

Aaron Moore “Amo” – Russell Westbrook – When Russ went down this postseason, we saw what happened. I don’t know what would happen if you went down. Rarely are you acknowledged as the superstar, yet you are a top player in any camp or organization. You do so much that people do not realize and certainly under appreciate. Thank you for making the 20 camp what it is.

Zach Gamble – Reggie Jackson – Always talented, always stepping up to the plate and showing signs of greatness. Not trying to take over, but doing what is asked of him. Now a star ready to be made. From the playoffs through now, Reggie is coming into his own and doing things to turn people’s heads. I hope we can keep him.

Rusty Reid –  Kendrick Perkins – Kendrick gets alot of flack, but he is essential. Would the Thunder be where they have been with Kristic at center, i think not. Sometimes, Kendrick get a little ahead of himself with the ball in his hands, but I do not want him on the other team. KP is underrated and too scrutinized. He is such a solid player with great contributions.

Cody Hadley – Thabo Sefalosha – such a specific skill set that is invaluable. Often unappreciated but take Thabo out of the lineup, and we all notice. In trouble…call Thabo.

David Ott – Serge Ibaka – So much raw talent, such an incredible physique.  Everyone loves Serge and sometimes its like he is speaking a foreign language!

Derek Reed – Hasheem Thabeet – see this post
Kelli Reed – James Harden – Sadly, we had to trade James Harden, one of the best players in the league. But the truth is, it was better for him to go. We will miss this 20 Camp royalty, but her contributions will always be remembered.
Ryan Eller – Kevin Durant – I drafted this guy in 2010, and he changed the franchise. Try to picture our beloved Thunder without KD. Now imagine 20 Camp without Eller. Ouch. Enough. I don’t want to think about it anymore! Ryan is a friend to us all. He is the best encourager I have ever met. He will so so many absolutely unbelievable, “I wish I was doing that,” things that we will stand in awe. I believe in you more than you know. Man, I love Kevin Durant.

What do you think?

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