Blue Shirt Profiles – the veterans

I hope you were able to read about our incredible rookie BlueShirts this year. If not, check them out here. There is another amazing group of people who have made The 20 Leadership Camp one of the coolest things I have experience. They are the Veterans. These individuals have served as camp volunteers for at least 3 camps, and some have served at 5 camps. They all do their part. They know when to step in, and when to step out. They make 20 Camp what it is. Over and over, I hear tremendous stories from campers how their lives have been changed. These testimonies have been only made because of the efforts of BlueShirts. They bring joy to us like a Disney movie. They make the magic happen. Thank you veterans.

Barbara – 4 camps – Beauty and The Beast – Beautiful in everything she does, one of the all time bests, but watch out and do not cross her or you will be beasted. The beast natures makes her a ferocious doer of all things good.

Deona – 5 camps – Fantasia 2000 – Oh the many sides of DeWi! Much like the segments of Fantasia. Seriously stepped up last week. 2000 was a re-release a whole new audience. Deona met a whole new crew of people and really wowed them. Very mature outlook. Very impressive.

Kristie  – 4 camps – Home on the Range – easily the most overlooked Disney film of real quality. quietly unassuming Kristie serves so well and does so much with little recognition

Roy – 3 camps – Hercules – need I say more? A true hero of the 20 camp in physical, mental, and spiritual qualities. We should all be more like Roy.

Bolen – 4 camps – The Lion King – Great musical score, fantastic story. Who does not like the Lion King? Who does not appreciate its quality? Stephanie Bolen is a superior BlueShirt.

Robin – 4 camps – The Emperor’s New Groove – We have seen Robin transform before our eyes. From camper to BlueShirt, from girl to young lady, from participant to leader. Really doing good things.

I hope I have all the camps correct. My apologies for any mistakes.



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