20 Camp Player Profiles – BlueShirt Rookies

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This year marked some fantastic additions to the volunteer team (BlueShirts) of The 20 Leadership Camp. It was the first true class of players to go from campers to volunteers. We have had a few make the transition, like Robin and Barbara, but this year felt different.  Whether its simply time or something more tangible will never be known, but these BlueShirts are a special bunch that have now experienced 20 Camp on a whole new level. Other rookies were free agents who have never played in the farm system of The 20. However they made the roster, each certainly did their part. That is how I would like to thank these players; by noting the role each played at camp.

“If you have 5 Michael Jordans on the court, you will lose.”

The 20 Leadership Camp is a team and we all have parts to play. Thank you BlueShirts for playing your part. We are one body made up of many parts. It takes each of us fulfilling our role to accomplish the vision. You are all simply astounding leaders, and I am honored to serve with you. Your willingness and faithfulness are incredible. This camp could never happen without you.

Brandon  –  Top Prospect – stepped up big in big moments, facilitated extremely well, adapted when needed, overcame obstacles.

Collin – Mrs. Consistent – solid as a rock spiritually, helped out when know one saw it, loved everybody

Brandi – PUP – The PUP list did not slow her down, kept spirits high, befriended so many, inspired all

Phillip – Comeback Player of the Year – Out of retirement practically he comes back to wow us all, completely jumped into services and led others in the same direction

Kristina – Energy off the Bench – From Yak Attacks to Yeti cries, she stepped up when needed, she sensed when the group needed her and she delivered a crazy chant, random dance, or serious comment

Mallory – Nick Collison Award – enough said

Shae – Assist Machine – learning the playbook on the fly, she did everything asked of her, I often threw her into random situations, she never said no or was shaken

Janna – 3 Point Specialist – she went deep! always bringing a deep thought and continued look toward God or introspection. A quiet, consistent voice of reason and contemplation

Chandler – Night-in-night-out – every team needs a player who gives you exactly the same contribution every game, always on time, always the right attitude, always connecting with everyone. Who doesn’t like Chandler?

Colton – Big Upside – led his group (and the whole group) many times in fantastic ways, all around great player with multiple skill set, needs work on his bass

Chenanaih – Windex – rebounding is so underestimated, so was she. Chenah brought so much game to the table. Always looking out for her group and campers, and the best ever reading of My Many Colored Days

Cameron – Clutch – always stepping in when asked, hitting some big shots when asked (the shield and stretch), willing to do literally anything asked of him, great team player


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