20 Camp 2013 Top 9 List

547375_500449216700713_43095267_nLast week we held camp numbers 5 and 6 of The 20 Leadership Camp. Wow what a ride! There is so much to say about 20 Camp this year it will take some time, but here are my top 9 moments. I have chosen to be very specific. I feel like I would be cheating if I said, “Campers” as my favorite moment.  There are some huge elements of camp that I would like to reflect upon soon but, for now,  I wanted to really force myself to think of an honest highlight reel from camp. Here it goes.

9. Oh my Dad

Bolen was right the shirts were a pretty big hit. It was a little awkward for me, and certainly humbling. But thank you all for making the old man of 20 camp feel good with the shirts.


8. MurrMurrs

Blueshirts Mallory and Brandon challenged me to include as many quotes and movie lines as possible during camp #2. When it was all said and done, I included 42. The Leader Ship, the caterpillar, and the change finale was a direct result. Thank you Mallory and Brandon. May the Force Be with You.


7. What’s in the box?

Thank you all for my new favorite game, Seven.


6. Setting a world record

Ryan Eller puts actions to ideas. The results are rarely poor, often fantastic, and sometimes….record breaking. The 20 Camp saw the creation of the world’s largest Connect 4 board.


5. Chants and Cheers

Deep Blue Bass chorus line. Who let the snakes out? Clap, Clap, shhhh. You shall not pass!!! A marriage proposal.

Campers and BlueShirts certainly outdid themselves this year. Well played.


4. Airplane Crash of Yellow Flight 457

When Patrick Kays lost his air traffic controller, he was stuck in mid-flight. First he called for his controller with a “RESPOND, RESPOND!” yell. He then realized he was without a partner and called for help. “Flight 457 requesting assistance!” he shouted. No one aided his call. Out of desperation he cried, “Help me! I repeat help me! I will go crazy and crash!”

Which he did. Roy Golden was collateral damage along with innocent children and puppies.


3. Zach Gamble Wake Up Stretch

It’s Wednesday. Early. Running on 2 days of non-stop activities, services, and games, everyone is tired. We stretch as a group to get started. Murr is the amateur, Barbara is the Yogi, and Cameron is the pro. From that respective sequence, Zach Gamble is called to the stage. We knew something crazy is about to commence, but no one could have anticipated the epic moment that awaited. We started slowly upward. Then quick to the right and up, then slow, then jumping jacks jacks. I had no idea 80 people could swim on try land! I literally rolled on the stage laughing. Thank you Zach, from all of us.


2. Grandma Yeti Dance

2013 will forever ne known as the Year of The Dance. We had random dance parties from the first introduction. When BlueShirt, Brandi, was injured and limited to a wheelchair, it did not stop the Yellow Yetis. They formed a conga line behind Grandma Yeti’s bandana clad wheelchair and dance. We are the music makers.


1. Iron Man Dies

Stepping Stones Auction was an out-of-this-world addition to camp. This moment could easily include the amazing Green Machine chicken recovery, the Phillp Wheelchair race, or the Kyle Price Feet Gloves. But for me, the moment Iron Man mistakenly ran across the electric fence and died was the climax of this game.

529091_500457096699925_667973612_nWhat’s your #10 or top 9???


2 thoughts on “20 Camp 2013 Top 9 List

  1. So good Murr!! Love the list!
    Not to get all super spiritual, but I love all the classes and OH MY DAD the services 😛 amazing worship, inspiring sermons, and tangible presence of God in the alters!! So good!

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