My Mid-Year Goals Review

Yesterday I gave some thoughts on reviewing your goals. Here is my review:

1. Blog 150 Times

Accomplished: 40%

I feel really good about this one. I am a little behind schedule, but blogging has been a fun discipline to undertake. It has definitely helped me refine  my skills as a communicator.

2. The 20 Leadership Camp: 2 camps with a total of 400 campers

Accomplished: 50%

We will host 2 camps at the end of July. Both camps are going to be fantastic! However, I was slightly overzealous in trying to reach 400 campers. Our camp is still young and growing. 400 campers was just a bit out of reach for now, but it inspires me for further growth!

3. Connect with 52 people

Accomplished: 60%

I am right on task. My intention was to meet new people, and create better conversations with people whom I know. I have been intentional with setting face-to-face meetings, Skype conversations, and simple emails.

4. Complete 12 Buckets

Accomplished: 0%

Not a good year for my BucketList. I must be more intentional. Living Your List is a daily activity. I must revisit my list, add some Buckets, and get to checking them!

5. Make Antarctica Decision

Accomplished: 100%

We made great strides in research and connections and postponed our trip. There were other international opportunities that became more pressing. The great lesson here is sometimes the best decision is to remove something. That removal also removes unneeded stress.

6. Host 12 Refuge Interns

Accomplished: 50%

We had 12 interns in the spring and we are well on our way to 12+ this fall!

7. Read the Bible in Chronological Order

Accomplished: 50%

I am exactly on task. Thank you, YouVersion and your free reading plan app.

8. Run a 1/2 Marathon

Accomplished: 0%

I have done nothing in regards to running this year. I can feel myself getting in worse shape as I speak. I will run a half marathon…someday. What is stopping me?

9. Run a 21 Minute 5k

Accomplished: 0%

I thought having 2 running goals would inspire me. As stated, I have done zero running. This is depressing…let’s move on.

10. Write a Book

Accomplished: 25%

This one is only 25%, but it is a good 25%. I am currently working on 2 writing projects and feel momentum growing.

11. 40 members in Refuge Catalyst

Accomplished: 41%

We have had well over 20 participants this summer. We also took 43 students to church camp. Moving into the fall, 40 student leaders is definitely achievable.

Overall Grade: B



One thought on “My Mid-Year Goals Review

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