Thank You Trisha Yearwood (check out her shirt!)

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Over the weekend, Toby Keith and some friends held a benefit concert for relief efforts of the Moore Tornado. One of those friends was Trisha Yearwood. I know, I can’t stop singing, “She’s in Love with the Boy” either. And, the record Miss Trisha, I loved your version of “How Do I Live” the most. Back to relief efforts. Trisha Yearwood both sang and wore a relief efforts shirt to show her support. The latter portion is of no huge consideration….unless you made the shirt! When a friend texted my wife the picture it was an incredible surprise. I have sold a variety of shirts for various relief efforts over the last few years. The Strong Lives Here shirt happens to be one. There have been numerous ups and downs along the journey, then here and now is an incredible moment. It is one of life’s greatest lessons.

celebrate small victories

Miss Yearwood  wearing this shirt in the grand scheme of things is not that big-a-deal. But that’s not the point. I have no idea how she got the shirt. We have not had a sudden rush of orders for the shirt. Oprah has not called me to discuss an interview. Those things are not the point either. The point is it was a good moment. It was a cool moment. It was a moment that encouraged me.

Isn’t that what life is all about. There will be no magic moment when my life GPS recalculates, then announces “You have arrived.” Instead, I must find encouragement in simple moments along my journey and celebrate small victories. This shirt, in fact, is only the result of something we called “The 100,000 t-shirt project.” Objectively, the project has failed, or is failing. We have yet to sell 100,000 shirts for relief efforts in Haiti (yep, Haiti, long story if you don’t know me). But we are still going. I keep going because I know there is a difference between failure and defeat. The course has changed slightly. We have started camps, held events, and sold different shirts. All because I celebrate on small victories every step of the way.

Trisha Yearwood wore my shirt. That is a victory. Thank you Trisha Yearwood.


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