20 camp prezi – I am humbled today.

our volunteer crew promoting The 20 Leadership Camp

Check out this presentation made by the 1 and only Stephanie Bolen


click the red here:20 Camp Prezi

I would love for every student in Oklahoma, nay the U.S., nay the world, to attend a 20 Leadership Camp.

This PREZI is why.

First: Stephanie Bolen, The Nick Collison of 20 Camps, created it. She did this for a class assignment. An assignment in which she could present about literally anything in the world, and she chose the 20 Leadership Camp. That is the effect the camp has had on her life. It is humbling to think I have been able to be a part of such a thing. Thanks Stephanie!

Second: This was a great story of the 20. Seeing, and remembering, where it started to where it has grown is absolutely remarkable. Thank you Jesus.

Third: “The 20 Camp is not an it, it is a who. The 20 camp is people. The 20 Camp is us.” Seeing all those pictures and videos reconnected me to all the incredible volunteers and campers we have met. Thank you to all the 20 camp family.

I hope you connect with us and attend as a camper or investigate being a volunteer. 


What do you think?

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