Standout – a great resource

standout assessment standout assessment
The STANDOUT Assessment is a fantastic tool. When you purchase the book, STANDOUT, it comes with a key code. You then use the code to take an assessment. There is also a complete wedbite with tremendous follow-up resources. I am a Pioneer-Stimulator. I think it fits me pretty well. If you want to work smarter and play to your strengths, I say check out this incredible tool.
Your excitement about the unknown and the untried.

You’re a visionary.Thrilled by a desire to experiment, you love a blank canvas, green fields, and a whole lot of risk. You seek fast-paced, action-packed adventures, where you’ll undoubtedly be exploring places few have gone before. You surround yourself with people who share your adventuresome, risk-taking bent, who are willing to take a chance, people who value your appreciative perspective on the world. The joy of seeing your visions come to life, of attaining the unattainable, is unmatched. You love to share this glory with any and all who will listen. You’re an emotional storyteller, inspiring others to dust off their dreams and let them loose.


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