The Heights

where-our-movement-came-along-and-we-finally-got-the-bible-right-600x475This Sunday Night I have the distinct other to share the word of God with young people of Muskogee, Oklahoma. Some fellow believers from St. Paul Methodist have organized a gathering. It will be a night for worship and prayer and The Word of God. Denomination does not matter. Address affiliation is irrelevant. I thoroughly enjoy nights like this because I think Jesus did not have a denomination. HE IS THE DENOMINATION. Furthermore, those qualities that unite us are certainly stronger than those that divide us.

Eph. 4: 4 (check it out)

It is somewhat arrogant for us to think any of us are completely right when it comes to the incredible mysteries of God. There are obviously substantial reasons for differing beliefs. Men and women smarter than me have debated them and come to different conclusions. So, for me, I think we should all have as much grace with each other as possible, realize our own inadequacies, and focus on those things which bring us together. That is what we will do this weekend.

I hope to see you Sunday Night.


One thought on “The Heights

  1. Reblogged this on steph4themoon and commented:
    I’m extremely excited for an event happening this sunday called The Heights. This blog post provides a brief explanation and some insightful thoughts from Jerrod Murr, the speaker for the event.
    My advice? Come this sunday and expect great things 🙂


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