The Friendship Scale – where are you?

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We haven’t nearly enough words for friend in the english language. We use the term friend for anyone from a Facebook acquaintance to my dearest friend who will take a bullet for me. Obviously, we do not mean the same thing when we say friend. We have other words, “buddy,” “pal,” “homie,” “bro,” “peeps” but all of these are up for interpretation. We have acronyms and abbreviations, like Bestie and BFF, but these fall miserably short in defining friendships. Here is my quick scale of friendship.

Best Friend – In my opinion you can have only one, maybe 2, of these. If you are like a junior girl and have many best friends, you will

probably have a new best friend each week. Which, in reality, is no best friend. Your best friend is truly that, BEST friend. If you were to rank your friends, who is the absolute best? Who jumps to the front of your mind? The one who is there no matter what. The one who knows you the best, and still likes you! All your faults, idiosyncrasies, and failures, yet they love you. most importantly, they choose to be your friend.

Note: If you are married, you are only allowed 1 best friend. Your spouse. If someone else of the opposite sex is coming close to this status, change that relationship.

Brag Buddy – This is just beneath your best friend. I know, sounds harsh, but we have to draw some lines. Best Friend status is extremely lofty. Brag Buddy is also incredibly viable, and valuable. Your brag buddy knows just about everything about you. They are your really, really, good friend. We aren’t ever allowed to share good things about us without sounding braggadocious, so we need a brag buddy. Someone we can call when we nail an assignment, accomplish a Bucketlist, or dominate a presentation. They know us and our intentions and understand we are just excited, not bragging. If you don’t have a Brag Buddy, get one. Thank you Ryan Eller.
Friend – Anyone and everyone I meet is my friend. At least, that is my goal. I don’t try to be so guarded as to have many strangers in my life. I also don’t want to be so unapproachable that people regard me as an acquaintance. So, in life, I have alot of friends! Good Friend – People who have proven themselves as more than just a passer-by to your existence. Good friends make time for you. Good friends take time to make.

Facebook Friend – someone who is on my friend list on Facebook but I have no idea who they are.

Guy on the Street – a guy on the street


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