Buy a shirt for OK Disaster Relief

Oklahoma Tornado Disaster Relief

You can buy this shirt for $10. Absolutely 100% of the profit will go to disaster relief for victims of The Oklahoma Tornados on May 20. Several years ago, our little group sold shirts called Believing in a Better Way for an orphanage in Haiti. When the Haiti Earthquake hit in 2010 we responded with another shirt. Many would say, “Why waste money on a shirt when we can send money directly?” I agree. If you are going to send money. Please do there are many great organizations like Convoy of Hope and the Red Cross. Most of us however, are slow to give money simply because it’s not in front of us. So there are many great reasons why we make shirts.

1. It is tangible. The sheer fact that I can touch a shirts prompts me to act.

2. It makes me remember. When is the last time you thought of the earthquake in Haiti? I thought of it yesterday when I wore my Unite for Haiti shirt. Soon, the news crews will leave Moore, OK and most of us will forget about those impacted. There will still be lives needing restored, homes needing rebuilt, and debris needing cleaned. This shirt will help me remember and to pray and to help.

3. It reminds others. Wearing a shirt is a silent stance for helping others. This slight bit of good will may indeed prompt others to be the best version of themselves. It may start conversation. It may start a chain reaction.

To buy the shirt please message me: click @jerrodmurr  for twitter or click Jerrod Anthony Murr for Facebook

Groups can sell them and customize them. Thanks. #StrongLivesHere #prayforOklahoma



5 thoughts on “Buy a shirt for OK Disaster Relief

  1. Please send me the link to this email address
    I am going to try to get The Community State Bank employees to buy a shirt and will need to send a groups message to all of them with this information in it.. Thank you

  2. How long would it take to get these shirts in? I’m talking like a bulk order because our whole bank may order! What are options for colors an such?

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