When Mamas are better than Daddys

This post could also be titled, “Why my Wife is Simply Amazing.” But then I would have to write a book not a blog post. I fully contend that there is a reason we are supposed to have a mama and a daddy. Sadly, many of us grow up without one or the other, or both. By God’s design Mamas and Daddys have special qualities that work together in raising a child. Eacch have incredible strengths that are needed for children. I don’t think one is better than the other. That’s the wrong framework in which to value either a Mama or Daddy. I think the question is “When?” There are moments when we need our mama, and there are moments when we need our daddy.

Last night was a when moment for our house. Little Josalyn Rae, 6 months old, was congested and having trouble breathing and therefore sleeping.

My incredible wife, and absolutely phenomenal mama, Jenn, stayed up all night with her. Josalyn would sleep for a few minutes then need to get up. Mama Jenn was there every time. Then josalyn got really upset and screamed for several minutes. Who was there to patiently soothe her? Mama.
You know who wasn’t there…me. I was there but sound asleep on my side of the bed. I care. But not like Jenn cares. It’s not the same. It’s revealed in different ways. Mamas will sacrifice. They give themselves. They sacrifice sleep if need be.
The phrase should really be “sleeping like a daddy!” So on behalf of all is daddy’s, thank you mamas!



One thought on “When Mamas are better than Daddys

  1. Our dynamic is a good one, Love. I agree both roles are different but of equal value. Jerrod is very supportive of me as I worry for our children. He helps me find books to put under one end of the bed, set up a humidifier with filtered, not tap water, and covers my legs with a blanket as I soothe our little one. He is also GREAT at playing with both girls. He has a wonderful imagination and willingness to play. I conclude our family, as I would think is true for most others, is most complete with both a Mama AND a Daddy.

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