#cfaleadercast was fantastic

Chick-fil-a Leadercast was absolutely stellar.

Last Friday, I attended #cfaleadercast with  my good buddies Darrin Ballard and Ryan Eller. We heard from some absolutely remarkable leaders, world changers really. The speaker line-up included Condoleezza Rice, John C. Maxwell, Michael Hyatt, David Allen, Andy Stanley, and many more. It was also my first event to LiveTweet (I catch on to social media slowly). I will share some valuable lessons I learned from specific speakers in future blogs but here are some high points from the conference as a whole.

1.Michael Hyatt – Hosted the event – for each speaker Michael recapped by giving us his top 3 takeaways. This showed not only his perspective and highlighted the speech, but also showed respect for the speaker as a person and the conference as an attendee. Incredible example.

2.Diversity is key for a good conference. The line-up included leaders from all walks of life. In addition, there were many types of presentations including interviews, a small concert, and random entertainment like World Order.

yes they were actually there!

3. Excellence yields excellence. In 12 years, the leadercast has grown to reach over 120,000 participants. This is because the organizers have done an excellent job. They are excellent in every detail which yields an excellent product. All too often, I am guilty of overlooking details or taking shortcuts which do not seem to matter in the moment. They do.


2 thoughts on “#cfaleadercast was fantastic

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