Track team disqualified for acknowledging God

Check out this news story, what do you think?

This story is incredibly ridiculous to me for 2 main reasons. First, as a Christian, I am thankful for Freedom of Religion. Moreover, as a person, I believe we should all be free to express worship regardless religious affiliation. This directly flies in the face of that belief. In light of several recent events, it seems the word tolerance applies to every religious, sexual, or politic preference except Christianity. This is frustrating as a Christian, and saddening as a society.

Second, as an athlete, this story is infuriating. I have grown up playing sports. While I am no Kevin Durant or Carl Lewis, I have always been a decent athlete and usually competitive. Have we really come to the point in sport where you cannot point to the sky to thank your Creater, or raise your hands in victory. Did you hear what the very athletic Columbus ISD Superintendent said, “no celebratory gestures, up to and including raising your arms.” Are you kidding me??? I qualify for state and I can’t raise me arms?!? Picture the great moments in sports, both fictional and historic. Rocky Balboa must leave the ring before raising his arms. Kirk Gibson must be in the dugout before  his famous arm pump. The boys from our Miracle on Ice must be in the locker room before raising their sticks. Ridiculous.



What do you think?

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