5 thing you don’t know about Lubbock

Monday, I had the honor of being with LEARN, Inc. in Lubbock, TX. I spoke at the end-of the-year banquet for middle school. It was phenomenal! It was great to share with students, parents, and community leaders. In the process, I toured Lubbock. Each time I had mentioned Lubbock, I was given grimaces of displeasure. It was my first time there and, I must say, I enjoyed the town. Most of all I enjoyed the people. Here are 5 things you don’t know about Lubbock, TX.

5. Home of Buddy Holly

buddy holly

4. All Streets are alphabetical

Well almost. University Street is out of order because it was previously called College St.

3. The high school is beautiful

I have seen a great many high schools in my day. Lubbock High is by far the most beautiful!

lubbock high

2. JJJ is the place to eat!

This is a perfect local restaurant with a great vibe. A little bit of every kind of food and a whole lotta fun. The chicken pot pie is served in a cast iron pot and I personally recommend the chicken fried steak!

1. Lubbock Lake National Historic Site

Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark is a unique archaeological site. It is the only one in North America that has a complete record of nearly 12,000 years of human history located in one place, and uncovered by scientists.

Yeah, who knew!


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