Orphan Rave…no, there will not be orphans present

When we announced we would have an Orphan Rave, we had to answer the question, “Where are the orphans coming from?” In fact, we had to answer this question multiple time. The rave is not for orphans per se, but to raise money and awareness for children in need. We feel very strongly that we should care for orphans and widows in their distress, so strongly that we are having an Orphan Rave.

Now you may ask, “Why in the world have a huge party? Isn’t a little nonchalant or too flippant for such serious matters.”

Absolutely not. Why? We are called to be cheerful givers. Certainly matters of giving to those in need are tremendously serious. But all too often we are driven by guilt or pressure to give that we lose all joy in giving. When we are blessed it is so we can bless others. When we give it is a joyous occasion. Not because we are glorifying ourselves, but because we are glorifying God. We also celebrate a need being met.

Tonight a bunch of silly teenagers will listen to music, play games, decorate t-shirts and act crazy. All in the name of God. All to celebrate the giver.


What do you think?

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