5 things I learned about social media and life from 5 club

social mediaA few weeks ago, Ryan Eller and I visited #5Club with Jon Acuff. It was a 5am (that’s right, a meeting at 5am in Dallas) but I am willing to hustle. AT this meeting Jon Spoke about things he learned about social media. This is the guy who started Stuff Christian Like, and is a media guru. So I listened. Here is the top 5 things I learned. I hope they help you like they have helped me.

1. Respond to 100 people who like you before one who hates you.

This is true not only on blogs, but in life. We always focus on the negative comments, the insults, and the jerks in this world. What if we put the same emphasis on compliments and people who support us. When you master this, let me know how!

2. Always keep the promises you make.

It is better to extend a series than do less than you advertised. All too often we let our mouth write checks that our you know whats can’t cash. As a leader, I have been guilty of this. With our kids we are guilty of this. We should make fewer promises, remember them, and always fulfill them.

3. Make friends before favors

I love the fact that we do things online that we would never do in person. I get so many requests from people I barely know (or know at all) to promote a product, or buy something, or try something. While I may also be guilty of this before, and I am sorry Facebook friends, I love this rule. If you get alot of “left the conversation” remarks, it may be time to change your conversations.

4. Know why you are on that specific media outlet.

For example, if the world is on Instagram but it doesn’t fit your goals, don’t go there. This brings me relief and hope! I have been having trouble keeping up with my Xanga account, let alone add a new NipIt account. Don’t worry NipIt doesn’t exist as a social media site….yet.

5. We are the first parents who must have a digital footprint conversation with our children.

This one hits home. Our world is dangerous. It is beautiful, but deadly. My girls (especially as girls) will have to be as wise as a serpent and as innocent as doves to thrive in this social media mayhem. I hope I can stay aware enough to guide them, teach them, and encourage them. I am convinced the dangers of social media are more like poison in my hand than a pistol in someone else’s. If I am careful, and do not self inflict harm, the good far outweighs the bad. I can be safe, and so can my little ones.


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